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Nine West is a popular brand of fashionable shoes, ladies handbags, sandals, dresses, sportswear, and other accessories such as eyewear, hats, belts, jewelry, leg wear, outer wear, etc. These products are manufactured by New York based The Jones Group, Inc. Nine West brand of products is one of the most highly respected brands in the fashion industry. The brand has been around for almost 30 years now.

Designer Nine West Shoes and other products frequently figure in Hot 9 list. This list indicates the trend of what people must have in order to be classified as fashionable. Another reason for the popularity of Nine West is its presence in more than 60 countries. Recently, new product lines such as luggage, suits, children's footwear, wraps, and scarves have been added to the list of products that are sold by The Jones Group, Inc., under the Nine West brand name.

The range of Nine West Shoes includes Nine West Women's shoes, Nine West sandals, Nine West Women's pumps, Nine West Dress Shoes, and Nine West Dress Shoes. These shoes are distinctly different from other shoes. They are available in various colors and shades so that the lady can select the shoes that go with their dresses or attire. It is also possible to purchase suitable accessories and handbags as designers offer such ensemble for each shoe or sandal.

The Jones Group, Inc. employs well-known fashion designers to design its products. Some of these designers are on contract as well. Famous international fashion designers also work or have worked for the company. Apart from ladies footwear, and handbags, the company also has established brands of women's suits, watches, clothing, dresses, and other accessories. In addition to these, the company also has fashionable clothing for youngsters as well.

Though the company's products can be broadly classified as classic, bridge, and contemporary, the Nine West brand of products including Nine West Designer Shoes are more modern or contemporary. The company also has several sports, and signature collection items. In addition to these, The Jones Group Inc. has introduced Nine West Vintage America Collection.

Some of the designer range of Nine West women's shoes includes Nine West Danee, Nine West Rocha, Nine West Sharina, Nine West Punchy, Nine West Selene, Nine West Eshcher, Nine West Keennster, Nine West Nuncio, and Nine West Loredana. A number of models of women's shoes are also available at discounted prices in Nine West stores itself. Some of these models, include Nine West Yasamin, Nine West Anya and Nine West Austin. The selection of Nine West women's sandals include, Nine West women's sandals/ Ivory design, Nine West Ivory Flip Flops sandals, Nine West Tarissa Ivory sandals and Nine West Chailyn Ivory sandals

Designer Nine West Shoes